Some people plans to visit Japan during COVID-19 restrictions
You may know there are limit of 10,000 persons a day in Japan.
Here is a information of time elapsed passing quarantine, customs and other process.
Conclusion if you plan to visit Japan, I recommend to wait
after Japanese government will loosen these complicated restrictions!!
My experience 45 minutes at Narita airport, but you may take 180minutes
( for example, Yellow country such as India, no digital entry using MySOS and so on)
Japanese government still requires RT-PCR negative certification of 72hours or newer.
And test method ( for example salvia ) and process are defined and we need to use
(1) The Japanese government format of COVID-19 negative certification.
If you have no certification or positive result, you cannot ride the plane.
we need the documents additionally
(2)The proof of Vaccination ( need booster shot )
(3)Web-based questionaries of Japanese government
(4)Web-based declaration by Japanese government
The most difficult document is (1) you have to look for the clinic that is ready for Japanese government’s style certification.
(2) may be somehow troublesome you may need the official vaccination certification.
I think (3), (4) are easy you just enter the application on Japanese government websites.
I strongly recommend to register these information in MySOS app (iOS/Android) and get the status and QR code,
If you have only paper documents, you will need a lot of time for boarding, quarantine and so on.
Here is my experience: I think this may be fastest one
Date July 20 Airline ANA NH012 from Chicago (ORD) Nationalities Japan
Country United States (Blue color ) for example Pakistan is red color now,
So you need additional PCR test at the quarantine.
MySOS app (iOS/Android) color is Blue ( all done )
My plane arrived at 14:45 and transfer passengers that do not visit Japan take off the plane
Then all passengers visiting Japan have to wait until the approve of quarantine person
At 15:05 ( after 20 minutes ) the long way to entry process starts, There are there process of quarantine.
We need to walk a kinds of maze, there are long loop lane for 10 minutes, then we can see the booth of first process, we need to show QR code of MySOS app and passport, I wait for a line in a few minute, and it takes under 1 minutes if blue sign of MySOS. We got the quarantine process sheet with check, hhen another walk about 10 minutes takes me to the 2nd check, former ANA arrival lounge changed into 30 separated booth for Questionaries, the officer asks for my health state, the country we come from, and need to show QR code again. It takes about 5 minutes and we got the blue paper that shows approved, then we can finally arrive usual quarantine lane about 10minutes, there are IR thermos camera and sanitized floormat we just pass the place. Then just walk a few minutes I need to wait at immigration.
Fortunately Japanese citizens could use automation faceID gate, so the process is only in a minutes. But you may know it takes additional times for question and answer in a few minutes.
If you have all documents, you registered MySOS app in advance and you come from blue country, it takes 45-60 minutes, but if we forgot some registration, you may stack somewhere and need addional time, the worst case, for example you come from Red country, you need in-place PCR-TEST and it may teke 180 minutes.
Conclusion again if you plan to visit Japan, I recommend to wait
after Japanese government loose these complicated restrictions!!